Pleated Cartridge Filters

FilterCor is renowned for providing excellence in pleated filters. Each filter is handmade for greater quality and higher efficiency. An external netted sheath on longer filters provides extra support for pulsating systems. End caps are fused from plastisol molds to the media preventing bypass and forming a gasket sealing area.

Microns are generally nominal in listing but can be provided in absolute degrees from .2 micron absolute to 150 micron nominal. Lengths can vary from 3 inches to 40 inches. Overall Dimension are 2-1/2 +1-1/8"" or 4-1/2". Standard 10" unit contains 4.52 feet of media. The 20" standard contains 9.22 feet of media. The big blue or 4-1/2" OD unit contains 12.52 feet of media Jin 10 inch and 25.82 feet within the 20" length. As an option to our widely used pleated line, we can provide custom labeling and packaging exclusive to your customer's desires.

Available Product Options

CELLULOSE -C This series C is designed for general water filtration purposes. They are economical, yet highly effective, at reducing sediment particulates well below the nominal 20 micron size. Pleated construction of corrugated cellulose provides increased surface area and strength which results in extended life. Operating temperature range is 40 to 145 F.

POLYESTER -PE The series PE is our most popular pleated filter. This iis a chemically resistant polyester media which makes these filters suitable for potable water, most light industrial applications, swimming pool I spa and well water applications. This durable non-woven polyester fabric is reusable while being pleated to maximize it's dirt holding capacity. Thus extending the time between change outs. Operating temperature range is 40 to 180F.

POLYPROPYLENE-PP The series PP is designed for residential, commercials and industrial filtration application. This media employs a five layered, high porosity bi-component polypropylene fabric. This consists of both spun bonded and melt blown polypro layers laminated together with ultrasonic sealing to provide greater depth filtration. The layering technique provides a pre-filtration capturing while the inner layers collect the silt or finer microns of your solutions. This is a "gradient density" style of filter. This design is an advancement in filtration which maximizes the utilization of the media while enhancing overall cartridge performance. Operating temperature range is 40 to 180 F.

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Nominal and Absolute Particle Retention Ratings

Superior Flow Characteristics

High Dirt Holding Capacity

Many Lengths and Cartridge Styles

Low Clean Differential Pressure Drops

Recommended Applications

Water Purification


Colloid Removal



Food and Beverages

Photographic and Plating Solutions

Printed Circuit Boards

Chemicals: Ethers, Ketones, Acids Esters, Alcohols, Bases, and Solvents

Magnetic Coatings

Metal Finishing


Microorganisms/Bacteria Retention

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